Assessment and Evaluation
The academic year is divided into three terms, June to August, September to December and January to March. With restoration of class X Board Examination, assessment structure and examination pattern for class IX will be similar to that of class X.
The details of assessments are as follows:

The details of assessments

Std. I - V :
Work sheets, Class tests, Assignments, Terminal examinations.

Std. VI & VII :
Mid term Examinations, Internal Assessments and Terminal examinations.
Term II (100marks) - 20 marks for Periodic Assessment and 80 marks for Annual Examination.
Periodic Assessment will include Periodic test (10marks) Note book submission (5 marks) and Subject Enrichment activites (5 marks) at the end of each term.
For the holistic development of the student, co - curricular activities that cover various fields like Work Education, Art Education and Health and Physical Education are carried out in school. The students will also be assessed for Discipline based on factors like attendance, sincerity, behavior and values.

Std VIII, XI & XII :
Mid term Examinations, Internal Assessments , Terminal examinations and Model examinations. Terminal examinations.

Model tests and terminal examination
Promotion from Std XI to XII is given to only those students who secure 50% marks in all subjects in the Annual Examination. In case of subjects involving practical work, the student must obtain pass marks in theory and practical separately in order to qualify for promotion.


It is better to have tried and failed, than not to have tried at all. Glory is not in never falling, but in getting up each time you fall. Participation is more important than winning. The school lays great emphasis on sports and co-curricular activities, as proposed by the national education policy. Every student from Std. VI to XII has to take up a hobby and be part of a club according to his or her interest.
To inculcate a sense of loyalty, team spirit and healthy competition, students are divided into four houses Dharmam, Neethi, Satyam and Shanthi.

Inter house competitions in literary, oral, cultural and sports activities are held from time to time. Yoga, karate, fine arts, singing, dancing, gardening are some of the activities that they indulge in. The following inter house activities are proposed to be conducted in the academic session 2021-2022. The dates and other details will be intimated later. All these provide a platform for the students to exhibit their talent,gain confidence, develop the spirit to face challenges, victories and failures,and to mould their personality. Hence parents must ensure that children participate in as many events as they can.

All Oral, Literary and Cultural Competitions, Quiz, MTSE, ELPSE, Indoor Games.

Athletics and outdoor games, Vocabulary, Su do Ku, Crossword, Memory Games, Debate, Just-a-minute, Magazine Making, Power Point Presentation, Art and Craft Exhibition.
Games at Paramekavu Vidya Mandir is played with much fervor and passion. There is emphasis on regular exercise and physical fitness. Trained coaches coach the students and the last decade has witnessed a tremendous improvement in the techniques and performance of our students
Cricket, basket ball and football are seasonal sports. Table tennis, badminton, athletics, yoga and karate also built into the calendar.
Marks Range Grade
4.1 - 5 A
3.1 - 4 B
2.1 - 3 C
1.1 - 2 D
0 - 1 E